Full of sound and energy, the marimba is a wonderful instrument to play! A typical marimba ensemble is made up of soprano, tenor, baritone and bass marimbas. They are acoustic instruments, making them easy to set up; and they're played using two sticks, making them easy to play.

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African Marimba Workshops In Schools

The marimba is a wonderful classroom instrument that gives participants a multitude of learning experiences and outcomes. Playing in an ensemble boosts confidence, encourages creativity and concentration, and teaches participants to listen and work together in producing a harmonious sound. 

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Diversity Day

Engaging your senses through music and rhythm is a great vehicle for cross cultural dialogue and understanding. Marimba workshops can be used in schools, community centres and theatres, or for private and corporate events. Participants get to experience southern African culture through its music and rhythms. 

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Black History Month

Black History Month celebrates Africa and the African diaspora. Marimba workshops can facilitate in the delivery of meaningful Black History Month events by giving participants the opportunity to play music and rhythms from southern Africa and learn about the rich histories of the continent - in a fun, hands-on and interactive way. 

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Corporate & Team Building Activities

Using soprano, tenor and baritone marimbas to form an ensemble, work teams have the opportunity to bond over southern African rhythms, sharing in the co-creation of lovely music. Marimba workshops can include singing, clapping patterns and simple traditional African dance moves! It's a great way to bring any team closer together.

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Weekly Group Classes

Weekly group classes run every Wednesday evening and Saturday afternoon at Saint Peter's North Community Centre in Bethnal Green. Advance booking is required. All ages and musical abilities welcome! 

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Private / One-On-One Lessons

Private lessons are available every Saturday afternoon at Saint Peter's North Community Centre in Bethnal Green. Advanced booking is required. We are also able to travel to you with the instruments for a private class at a venue of your choice. 

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