Party Entertainment

We provide great entertainment for all types of parties - whether it be a birthday party, an anniversary, an engagement party or a family barbeque. Our marimbas are quick and easy to set up, and are fully acoustic, requiring no micing or power - making them perfect for all types of venues and settings.

Typically, our marimba band comes as soprano, tenor and baritone marimbas with drums and vocals, but this can be easily adjusted for any party. We can be anything from a two piece to a seven piece band.

Entertaining with Miriam Makeba's Click Song / Qongqothwane at the South Africa Freedom Day party in London.

Warming up the wedding party to the sounds of the marimba! This is a popular southern African gospel song called Avulekile Amasango.

Our marimba band entertaining guests at Fego Caffe with some upbeat South African tunes during a Save The Rhino fundraiser party.