Theatre de Verre

ZimFest Paris

African Marimba Music has just come back from a lovely long weekend in Paris where we got the opportunity to teach and perform at the inaugural ZimFest Paris. The weekend was all about cultural music from Zimbabwe, even though we of course snuck in some material from Botswana, where Otto, founder of African Marimba Music, comes from.

On offer were marimba, mbira and dance workshops, which included elements of singing as well.

On day one of the festival, workshops started off bright and early at Théâtre de Verre. That evening, the teachers and other collaborators came together to give a lovely concert of traditional music from Zimbabwe - performed on mbira and marimbas, accompanied by drumming, singing and dancing.

On day two, the students mainly focused on solidifying all they had learnt the day before, and in the afternoon they got the chance to perform for one another and showcase some of what they had learnt.

It was such a lovely weekend in Paris with a beautiful mix of cultures and people from all walks of life coming together through music.

ZimFest Paris - Marimba Workshop