Diversity Day Entertainment

Music is a wonderful way to bring people together. Our upbeat and colourful marimba music provides an authentic taste of southern Africa to diversity themed days! We can entertain as a main act or provide background music creating a lovely ambiance to an event, as people arrive or during welcome drinks, dinner or intervals.

 Typically, our marimba band comes as soprano, tenor and baritone marimbas with drums and vocals, but this can be easily adjusted for any type of engagement. We can be anything from a three piece to a seven piece band. Our marimbas are also acoustic, so we don’t need any amplification - meaning we can play pretty much anywhere.

Our rhythmic, lively and joyous music guarantees to get everyone up and dancing and feeling connected!

Providing entertainment at I Am We Are fundraiser celebrating southern Africa in central London.

Entertaining with Miriam Makeba's Click Song / Qongqothwane at Heritage Day celebrations in west London.

Our typical set up includes soprano, tenor and baritone marimbas, with drums, shakers, vocals and dancing, but can be adjusted up or down to suit any event.