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African marimba ensembles are comprised of soprano, tenor and baritone marimbas. The sopranos hold the melody, the tenors add a rhythmic backing and the baritones hold the beat. Together, the three instruments produce lovely rhythms and music.

The group gets to experience how each player's role contributes to the overall sound – and the importance of each melody and instrument in creating the full sound of the music.


Participants will learn songs and rhythms from Zimbabwe, South Africa and Botswana, with material from other parts of Africa too. This includes folk songs, original marimba compositions and contemporary covers.

In addition to the marimba, together participants can also learn traditional call-and-response singing, patterns on the hosho - traditional Zimbabwean shakers, hand clapping patterns, drumming patterns and traditional dance moves. 

The background to all songs taught is given for a well rounded cultural and historical understanding too.

Workshop SETUP

Workshops are delivered by ear, the traditional African way, enabling participants to more freely engage their senses and be present in the music and experience as a whole. The workshops therefore require absolutely no previous experience or knowledge of reading music, playing the marimba or of African music. 

Workshops are available every Wednesday evening and all day Sunday at Saint Peter's North Community Centre in Bethnal Green. Alternatively, we can also bring the instruments to you and have the workshops in the comfort of your own space.


Treat your team to a well rounded cultural experience by combining workshops with a marimba band performance.

Our Taste of Southern Africa show presents a wonderful collection of folk songs from southern Africa - sharing with our audiences ancient rhythms, sounds and stories from Zimbabwe, South Africa and Botswana using the marimba and mbira, and accompanied by singing, drumming and dancing.

The concert can tie in a participatory workshop or general audience involvement, giving listeners a much greater, and invaluable, cultural learning experience.

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