Corporate Entertainment

Our unique and lively marimba music will certainly set your corporate event apart from any other! We've provided entertainment at charity galas, conferences, summits, networking events, fundraisers and more. We entertain as background music creating a lovely ambiance as guests arrive or during welcome drinks; but also as main acts during corporate dinners etc. 

Typically, our marimba band comes as soprano, tenor and baritone marimbas with drums and vocals, but this can be easily adjusted for any type of corporate event. We can be anything from a two piece to a seven piece band.

Our typical set up for corporate events includes soprano, tenor and baritone marimba, with drums and vocals. In this clip we're playing a tongue-in-cheek song from Zimbabwe called Gandanga.

Entertaining with Miriam Makeba's Click Song / Qongqothwane at the South Africa Freedom Day party in London.

Entertaining guests at Fego Caffe during their Save The Rhino fundraiser dinner.